Author: S.E. Anderson
Title: Celestial (Starstruck #4)
Publisher: Bolide Publishing Limited
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action/ Adventure
Pages: 348
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

It’s my stop on the blog tour!! I received a copy of Celestial, the fourth instalment in the Starstruck series by S.E. Anderson in exchange for an honest review. I had been luck enough to get e-books for the other 3 books around a year ago and was super excited to be involved in the blog tour again this time around!

My thoughts and opinions in this post are entirely my own.

Sally, Zander, and Blayde, accompanied by their new friend Nim, have only one request: no more bizarre distractions on their hunt for Earth.

But before their cells can complete a single jump, the team is shoved off course and crash into a dreary old temple. Worse yet, there seems to be some confusion over Sally’s face, as it looks exactly like that the local deity, Selena, goddess of the moon and omniscient absentee. Sally’s ticking every box on the ancient prophecies checklist.

Fresh off of her meds and riding the withdrawal, and Sally must choose between embracing the role of Goddess so as to protect the planet from mysterious Sky People, or being thrown in a Volcano. Not the best way to start a tropical vacation. It’s not going to be easy uniting warring factions, dealing with excitable whispering forests, or fighting both literal and figurative demons. Not to mention keeping up the appearance of divinity when all Sally wants is a nap.

Armed only with some high school improv’ classes and a basic knowledge of foreign pop songs, Sally must save the planet – before everything goes up in flames.

Celestial_coverThe first three books in this series are fantastic; they’re fast-paced, action packed, funny, and just provide endless entertainment. You can find my reviews for Starstruck, Alienation, and Traveler by clicking the links! I was super excited to see where the author would take the story next.

This book might just be the funniest of the series so far! When you get to the bit with the trees… I won’t spoil it but that’s pretty damn funny. I feel like with each book we have become closer to each of the characters, and I thought the introduction of Nim meant our exploration of Zander, Sally, and Blayde was pretty much done. For the former two this is kind of the case, though I do still enjoy the little snippets of information we get as the story continues. But we see a whole new side of Blayde in this story, one which gives her a real presence. I kind of felt Zander was quieter in favour of his sister taking more of a central role, so this mix up was really great to see the interactions between Blayde and other characters.

As expected this story is full of action and adventure, and really grips the reader. Whenever I started reading this I didn’t want to put it down! (Unfortunately I read on my commute and had to get off the train/ go into the office). Another really  great thing about this book, as well as its prequels is the ease with which they can be read. The story line isn’t overly complex but it allows enough to provide some great plot twists, but also the language used is simple and to the point. This makes it a great read for so many age  groups!

The adventures the friends get caught up in are so engaging that I often forget that the real goal is getting Sally home – but will she make it home? More importantly will she make it home in her own timeline? It’s easy for the immortals Blayde and Zander to be hopping around space and time, but with Sally, and her knack of getting herself into life-threatening situations, who’s to say she would ever make it back? This suspense is an underlying theme throughout and ensures that the reader never loses interest, even in the quieter parts of the narrative. Not that these really exist.

I love the way the plot unfolds, I love the language used, and I love the utilisation of humour to provide a more lighthearted vibe around all the life-threatening scenarios. If you enjoy a sci-fi with lots of action and some really vibrant characters than I’d highly recommend this series to you!

Overall I’m awarding this 4.5/5 – if I had any criticism of this book it would be the simple storylines, at the moment I’m really loving intricate storylines where I simply have no idea of the outcome (thing Game of Thrones). But this provides some light-hearted entertainment, some hilarious characters and scenarios, and a plot that is bursting with adventure.

This book is to be published in just 3 days! 9th October 2018 – Don’t miss it!


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